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quietearth [Film Festival 09.29.10] Canada movie trailer news drama

As our own Marina will be covering the Vancouver International Film Fest (and I had no real time to go through the entire Locarno lineup which is one of my personal favorite fests), we'll be featuring some of the films, and knowing my pension for the fringe, this is a must see for me, regardless of Variety calling it a slice of arthouse misery which is devoid of humor. I could care less.

Jean-François Sauvageau is a man who does not want to be noticed; it’s not in his nature. He lives with his 12-year-old daughter, Julyvonne, in a modest house in the far suburbs. One day, Julyvonne, out for a walk, goes further than usual. She walks for a long time and discovers a place in the countryside she’s never seen before. Then at the edge of the forest, she simultaneously discovers horror and an unusual and new relationship to the world. She does not know how to interpret what she sees and, more intrigued than horrified, goes home. She does not mention it to her father. When he can, Jean-François likes to spend time with Isabelle, a good listener. One evening, on his way home he stops short in surprise: in the darkness he hears a heavy thudding sound. He too encounters horror. Lost, scared and confused, Jean-François makes a strange, panic-stricken decision. He mentions it to nobody and tries to keep it hidden.

Clip after the break.

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Marina (10 years ago) Reply

Cote is one of my fave directors - really looking forward to squeezing this one in if the calendar gods permit.

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