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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 10.01.10] Canada movie trailer news drama

Canadian director Denis Côté is part of the rising group of home grown talent making a splash on the international circuit. His films are usually bleak stories which take place in the desolate corners of the Canadian landscape where the settings say as much about the characters and their situations as the stories themselves. The same seems to be true for his newest feature Curling.

A winner at Locarno, Côté’s new film, from which we've already seen a clip, appears to fit the bill of his previous works. It’s the story of Jean-François, a mysterious single father who lives in a small Quebec town with his daughter. He’s over protective and doesn’t even allow Julyvonne to go to school and besides working as the maintenance man at the local bowling alley, his life revolves around his daughter whose every move he watches until the day when Julyvonne wanders farther than usual on her daily walk and discovers something mysterious.

There’s no indication in the trailer or any of the synopsis floating around for the film from various festivals, that there’s anything supernatural at play here and that’s really not Côté’s style, but there’s definitely some mystery building in Jean-François and Julyvonne’s sheltered lives.

The first trailer for the film does, however, capture the demure quality of Côté’s work and once again, it seems as though the surroundings play a big part in the story. Some of these outdoor scenes, particularly those of people walking along the side of the road in winter, are reminiscent of David Cronenberg’s The Brood though I don’t expect I’ll be nearly as shocked by this as I was the first time I saw Cronenberg’s early film.

Trailer after the break.

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