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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.24.10] movie trailer news horror

I remember reading about this flick billed as "Inglorious Basterds meets Day of the Dead" a while a go, but thought I'd wait to see some footage before posting about it. While on one hand the film sounds like a pretty typical experiment-gone-wrong horror, this promo footage is pretty atmospheric and hints at something that will at least look interesting.

I think it's promo footage shot to sell the film at Cannes though, and not actual footage from the film.

During WWII, a Nazi scientist experiments to create the ‘ultimate warrior’ for the Fuhrer but all efforts are in vain. With the American soldiers closing in, the doctor performs one last experiment on a concentration camp child, unleashing a creature straight from Hell.

Director on this one is Tony Wash.

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wheatley_s (10 years ago) Reply

1st again!! This actually looks pretty good. A little different from past nazi zombie films.


Scotchworthy (10 years ago) Reply

Thanks for putting the info up on our movie, "A Chance in Hell". Though we don't know exactly when the movie will be released, I can asssure you as an avid horror fan myself, ACIH will not disappoint gore-heads! American soldiers fending for their lives against a horde of zombies is sure to moisten any horror nut's palette. Check out and "like" our facebook page for updates.

Thanks again guys,
Tony Wash

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