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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.28.10] movie trailer news scifi

Jesse Griffith created this trailer to show the world how much they NEED to see his feature film, Cockpit. And, before you get all 'the world needs another BSG-style space actioner like it needs a whole in the ozone layer', you should know that Griffith's screenplay has won a few accolades fromn fests and what-not. I think it looks great and it's impressive what Griffith did with basically no money and agreenscreen.

In 2103 mankind is at war with the Tarceds, a hostile alien race that can control our minds. Our brave pilots of the U.E.S. Navy holds them at bay at the outer edge of the galaxy. To bomb them from afar is to win. To see them is to fall under their control. Government agents are dispatched to the Starcraft Carriers to insure all pilots follow this rule of engagement.

Check out the trailer for Cockpit after the break.

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SteveD (11 years ago) Reply

Personally I need another "BSG-style space actioner" BUT without all the BSG religious BS please! Looks good. Perhaps "SyFy" should get onboard, it's bound to be marketable to sci-fi junkies like me!


Fox (11 years ago) Reply

Space: Above and Beyond.


Jesse Griffith (11 years ago) Reply

Just to clarify folks. This is the trailer for a completed short film called "Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement," which is running the festival circuit right now. The feature screenplay, titled simply, "Cockpit" is currently un-produced. But the screenplay has won Best Science Fiction in the Los Angeles Film & Script Festival and been a finalist in numerous other festivals. So there's hope! The trailer serves as a trailer for both the completed short film and the un-produced feature. Thanks for the support!


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

looks good. Can't wait for the feature.

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