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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.16.10] movie news horror

Pascal Laugier’s excellent horror film Martyrs (review) has been on the block for some time as one of the next properties to see the light of day in remake form and from the beginning, it sounded as if this was going to go horribly bad.

Not only is the sure-to-be-sanitized American version coming to us care of the producers of Twilight, at one point there were even rumours floating around that Kristen Stewart was in line to star in the film (not necessarily a bad pick considering that she actually has acting chops and isn’t afraid to stretch herself with different roles) but that was the last we heard of the production until last night when 24 Frames posted some news about the production which now has a director.

The man in question: Daniel Stamm who brought us the summer breakout The Last Exorcism, a film I haven’t seen but the trailers for which suggested at least some mild horror goodness.

Still not thrilled about this remake which is likely to loose some of essence that made the original such a hit – if that wasn’t already a given, this quote from Stamm suggests that they’ve already neutered the story: "The American approach [that I'm looking at] would go through all that darkness but then give a glimmer of hope. You don't have to shoot yourself when it's over.".

Oh yey.

Not having seen any of Stamm’s work, I can’t even comment on whether this is a good aesthetic choice or not but there you have it. We’ve got a director.

It’s a good thing we’ve got the original on DVD.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

translation: glimmer = ~!sparkle!~


brettlv5506 (11 years ago) Reply

Hope... yup that's what Martyrs was all about. Hope. It's like they want to piss me off.


Thomas (11 years ago) Reply

We didn't need this remake before and now we need it even less. "Last Exorcism" was a decent film but "Martyrs" should have left untouched. "Twilight" has a profound German participation by means of production, so no wonder they chose Stamm.


FICTIS (11 years ago) Reply

Oh God, why do they need to "remake" this film and add a "glimmer of hope". If you want to add hope to a film, think about another one, this film is fine the way it is and hope has nothing to do with it, it's all about a quest for answers and the means for it. They'll probably change the title, make it "gory-er" and loose the essence in the process. Such a shame really...


sonaboy (11 years ago) Reply

Stamm's take on the film should be grounds for a caning punishment. This is going to be stupid, and angled to American Xtians who need to be spoonfed hope for the afterlife the way they see it. Fuck everyone involved in the Twilight franchise. They don't understand existential horror; they spend millions keeping it de-fanged and safe for repressed tweens and functionally-retarded adults with body image issues.


Marina (11 years ago) Reply

@ sonaboy

While I agree that this isn't the direction I hoped for and this is likely to be a failure out the gate, I don't think it's fair to mark everyone involved with the Twilight franchise as crap because the franchise has allowed the studio to make/distribute some decent and even great films and some of the talent associated with the franchise is, well, talented.

As for Twilight, there's room in the world for everything. And thanks for marking me as a functionally-retarded adult. It's OK though, I can take it.


wheatley_s (11 years ago) Reply

remaking Martyrs??? MAJOR FAIL


(10 years ago) Reply

This movie is flawless and should not be touched.

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