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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 11.19.10] Canada movie trailer news thriller

There are a few ways to make an already good Friday better. This happens to be one of them.

We’ve been anticipating footage from Jacob Tierney’s follow up to The Trotsky (trailer) Good Neighbours, for some time but that footage, along with much of anything for the production for that matter, has been elusive. Until now.

Just in time to wet the appetite for the Whistler Film Festival, we’ve got three clips from the film which stars Tierney favourite Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire, Scott Speedman and one of my favourite up-and-coming actresses, Kaniehtiio Horn of The Wild Hunt (review) and The Trotsky fame.

The film takes place in Notre Dame de Grace, a Montreal neighbourhood which is usually peaceful, but is being rocked by a serial killer and it has everyone on edge. When a new guy moves into the building, a few of the neighbours start to wonder if perhaps the eager to please Victor (Baruchel) is the killer.

What I love most about these clips is the bit of comedy infused into them, particularly the second clip in which Horn is going off about some new guy she just met while her co-worker (Hampshire) searches the papers for news on the killer.

Hopefully we’ll get a trailer soon but for now, check out the clips after the break.

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Eric (11 years ago) Reply

I actually liked The Trotsky, but if these are the clips they've chosen to show then this film is going to be terrible. Really awkward acting and staging, it feels just like a student film.


Anna (11 years ago) Reply

Saw this at TIFF10 and it is actually really good. Film will keep you in suspense with a twist and something unexpected. It does make a turn for the worse, but in some weird way it totally works.


martin (11 years ago) Reply

everything is just perfect in this movie.
Jay's play seems indeed false but this really is his role.
Music is one of the best i've heard in a movie since a while. it also fit so well with editing.
every moment has its own place here.
Director has clearly made exactly what he wanted to, no concession.

i saw this 5times and for sure i'll see this times again!


julie (11 years ago) Reply

I wish I could have seen this at the TIFF, but the tickets ran out. Argh. Anyway, I'm really interested in seeing this; I can't wait until it hits theatres... or at least a trailer comes out.

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