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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.22.10] post apocalyptic movie apocalyptic news short

There’s nothing like proving you can do it to sell an idea. That’s worked for countless filmmakers before and it looks like the plan is in motion again, this time for filmmakers Lenore Romas and William DeJessa.

Short listed for a Best Cinematography award at the Temple University Diamond Screen Festival 2010, DeJessa and Romas’ short film Retribution (Prelude) shares the look and feel of the duo's full length feature film, currently in pre-production, without sharing a story arc. I’m really curious to see what they have planned for the feature, I’m assuming we’ll get to see who the woman (or man) in red is, but their short film builds the world nicely with no dialogue, something I tend to love in films.

The six minute short is eerie, nicely captured and suggests good things to come from Romas and DeJessa. Until we can get more details on the feature which starts shooting in January, you can watch the full short after the break.

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Lenman (11 years ago) Reply

At least she can still shave her legs in post apocalyptic world. Looked good otherwise.

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