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Whenever I think of the apocalypse, I tend to think of it as manifesting due to a natural disaster, a virus or some out-of-this-world phenomenon (like an alien invasion). I’m sure at some point I’ve connected it with war but I can pretty much guarantee that I never considered it from the perspective of Jeffrey Travis’ Dragon Day.

Think for a moment of all the bits of technology you own, from your microwave to your car. 90% of those items are made in China and chances are, it has a chip of some sort in it. There’s also a very high chance that there are millions of others in the US (and likely the world) who have that same item. Travis and co-writer Matt Patterson’s story takes place after China calls a type of war on the US by literally shutting down the country via those pesky made in China chips.

Here’s the synopsis:

The film revolves around a laid-off computer programmer who inherits a cabin in the wild, and relocates his family to the country, only to discover the entire communications, transportation and public works infrastructure of all 50 states commandeered by a technologically superior Communist China, on whose U.S. Treasury bonds America has defaulted.

Thanks to a secret virus inside every microchip “made in China,” planes fall out of the sky, cars stall everywhere, cell phones and ATMs go dark, electricity and water are shut off.

The guilt falls on the shoulders of the unemployed and now-marooned techie (played by Ethan Flower) who may have helped write the code that has enabled the Chinese government to access and control all computerized devices in the country.

That’s just a little creepy and please, someone tell me this isn’t really possible.

Dragon Day is being billed as a low-key thriller rather than an action extravaganza. The film is currently in post production with a trailer scheduled for release in the coming weeks. Until then, be sure to check out the first batch of appropriately gritty stills from the production after the break.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Creepy in its own way considering China is allied with N. Korea and USA with S. Korea and the current escalating situation. ;)


John (11 years ago) Reply

"That’s just a little creepy and please, someone tell me this isn’t really possible".

Designed in U.S.A., assembled in China.
Open anything, except Harley, you'll see it.

Imagine only one chip replaced, with te same one having a tick tock clock inside ( o yeah and outsourcing too).

Now this is interesting, but again one man agianst the whole China, and a happy ending, higly improbable, even for American mind.

Also the plot you outlaid is wrong, here is the right one:
"When Duke Evans, out of work NSA analyst, is evicted from his home he moves his family to his grandfather's old cabin. However here they are also threatened when a hellish cyber-attack is unleashed on the US rendering anything with a computer chip useless. He must now keep his family alive, fight off would be thieves and a newly corrupted government and ultimately make the hardest decision of his life- to survive".

and from:
"When out-of-work and disgraced former NSA analyst Duke Evans and his estranged wife and daughter move into a newly inherited mountain cabin, he must fight to save his family after China takes over the country through a nightmarish cyberattack that devastates the entire United States.

Duke Evans, a disgraced former intelligence engineer, convinces his estranged wife and young daughter to take a retreat in a remote mountain town. But unbeknownst to them, the day they arrive at their remote cabin is the same day China launches a nightmarish cyberattack— a modern day Pearl Harbor— against the United States for failing to pay its debt. What comes to be known as “Dragon Day”— the day every single computer chip “Made in China” unleashes a secret dormant virus prepared for this day— a virus that gives them control of our financial, telecom, military and power systems. As planes fall out of the sky, cities go dark, and it becomes impossible to buy bread or supplies, the country becomes a hellish occupation zone with ominous warnings of “The People’s Republic Welcomes Your Allegiance”. With food and water running in short supply, and armed mobs wearing red allegiance bands terrorizing the town, their only hope for survival may be in the unlikely friendship with a Mexican day-laborer who can smuggle them across the border into Mexico to survive. "


Jim Hague (11 years ago) Reply

No, that scenario is crap - it assumes that every electronic device works the same way; that the software, hardware, and firmware will all respond to some remote kill signal. The virus angle ups the stupid - many of the systems they're talking about are highly-purposed, specialized, and simply won't respond to such a thing.


donc48 (11 years ago) Reply

I have to agree with Tim H a multiple EMP blast over several parts of the US is far more likely. Even that I believe is not very likely if the US defaults China will have much bigger issue (Where do sell all this crap I used sell to the Yankees?) Relax worry about Zombies over running your city.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

EMP's ARE part of the plot and the ending is far from happy in the hollywood ending way you would think...this film was written by electrical engineers who slaved over the probable accuracies.


Jonas (11 years ago) Reply

Wouldn't destroying the US be a pretty hard blow on China's economy too? Isn't pretty much their entire industry connected to their ability to build things cheaply for the west?

Chinese dominance of the world (if/when it happens) will be far more subtle and pretty much unnoticable for the general population. They'll just sneak in even further into our economies and then influence through that. Most of us wouldn't even notice or care.

Apart from chinese investments in Africa they've even started investing in western countries now. Countries like Ireland where the economy has gone out the window.

Anyway, this sounds like a pretty fun movie. As always, suspension of belief is your friend when it comes to entertainment.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Looks interesting. Of course the Chinese Govt will protest its release & claim the movie is "anti-China" & you can be sure this movie will be banned in China.


China Man (9 years ago) Reply

This is a product of an idiot if not a CIA Disinfo movie which tries to distract your attention away from the real culprit
China is nothing. Your enemy is your own government and your corporates.

Your USA can print the money and give away.



China Man (9 years ago) Reply

YOU are barking at the WRONG tree.
Who is tearing down your BILL of RIGHTS?
Who harass YOU at the Airports?
Who crashes your economy and take away your HOME and BAILS OUT the BANKSTERS?

CHINA? uhhh? My China commies CANNOT feed our own people right now,,.and things are exploding. YOU IDIOTS!


China Man (9 years ago) Reply

Yes, it's true We have maufactured all those "Made In China" ... but with your money, your technology, your designs.. and BY YOUR CORPORATES' ORDERS. We CHINA is just a WORLD FACTORY with cheap labor.
You've just looked at 1% rich of CHINA. You don't see our 99% dust poor of 900 millions. Our 1% riches are moving to USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA... they are fleeing..
USE your BRAINS! Idiots.

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