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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.23.10] news podcast

Every few months, a group of film writers get together around a virtual table to talk movies. I’ve missed the discussion of the last few episodes of the Movie Club Podcast but was lucky enough to find the time recently to join the crew (Film Junk’s Sean Dwyer, The Documentary Blog’s Jay Cheel, Where The Long Tail Ends' James Gillham and Row Three’s Kurt Halfyard) for a discussion on two strange little films that I think QE readers will be interested in.

The titles in question for the latest edition of the podcast are Takashi Miike’s bizarre Visitor Q and Gaspar Noé’s Irreversible.

The discussion is always lively but it’s particularly interesting this time around with two polarizing titles and the talk wonders from breast milk snow angels to, you know it’s coming, CG penises. Oh yes, it’s all here. Aren't you glad I shared?

The show is spoiler heavy so if you're interested in seeing the films, you're better off watching them before taking a listen but if you're familiar with both titles and are interested in partaking in the discussion, head over to the MCP, take a listen to the show and join the discussion. While there, you may even want to drop a recommendation in the comments section for an upcoming show.

Happy listening!

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