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Now for something completely different.

OK. So it’s not that different but it does have an interesting history, a good story and it looks quite nice so it’s definitely worth taking a break from your day to check it out.

The film in question is The Package: Vol. 1 and it comes from Qatar. I can’t recall ever seeing a film from Qatar, never mind a sci-fi one and my source tells me it’s the first he’s seen as well. Love the sound of history in the making, especially history that looks this promising.

Admittedly, the seven minute preview that has made its way online suffers from a couple of gaping holes in the story which the viewer needs to fill in like the time jump of 100 years and the guy still looks the same – I’m assuming whoever is in charge of the box doesn’t age? But I’m getting ahead of myself and this is just a preview so its very likely that some of this is explained in the film plus there's quite a bit to like about the preview including the story.

The official synopsis reads:

Aaron (Ibrahim Al Jefairi) the carrier of the package decided to destroy it after keeping it safe for almost a century thinking that with this decision he will destroy the owner of the package "Faisal" (Faisal Al Baker) and fulfil his destiny.

That’s a little muddled but it gives you the basic idea of what’s going on. What it doesn’t prepare you for is the impressive production values which, along with the adorable little girl and Faisal Al Baker as Faisal, the owner of the box, sell this picture. True, its not without its problems but it looks spiffy, and builds enough of a mystery and back story to make me more than a little interested to see it.

The preview, along with a few variations on the key art, are after the break.

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