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Quebec has always been a hub for great talent and the legacy continues. Dennis Villeneuve is already one to watch and coming up the ranks quickly is Maxime Giroux whose second full length feature, the dark drama Jo for Jonathan, has been gaining quite a bit of momentum since it premiered at Locarno in August.

The film stars Raphaël Lacaille as Jo, a young man in constant battle with his older brother Thomas (Jean-Sébastien Courchesne). Thomas has the hot girl, the job, the car – all of the respect and attention Jo wants but can't seem to get. The brothers come to heads when Jo fails his driving test, steals his brother's car and turns into a delinquent.

I’ve yet to see one of Giroux’s films but am eagerly awaiting my introduction. Giroux has been described as having a “precise realistic style and a tendency to populate his stories from the underbelly of society” and that’s certainly something I can get behind.

There’s no trailer for the film yet but a short clip has turned up online. Hard to make out who is who but judging from the film’s synopsis, I’d guess Jo is the one sneaking a peek at his brother Thomas with his girlfriend.

Clip after the break.

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Read all about it here:

Interview with Maxime Giroux the director of Jo pour Jonathan:

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