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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.25.10] movie trailer news comedy

So this is what happens when you move to LA? At least this is what happened to Peyton and his girlfriend in Brian McGuire’s On Holiday. The two make some friends, party it up and essentially go on permanent vacation. But they have a purpose, or at least Peyton does: he's trying to find himself.

If only real life were like this.

Lots of booze, lots of drugs, a few laugh out loud moments (was that a Total Recall homage I saw there?), John Hawkes and the always awesome Harry Dean Stanton who is billed as “Josh The Roommates Dad.” It likely means what we see of him in the trailer is what we’ll see of him in the movie but whatever, I’m a fan. The trailer’s amusing and a little gross but mostly just suggests lots of funny moments.

The film’s had a couple of screenings though it doesn’t look like anything else is planned for the near future. We’ll see what other info we can dig up but for now, check out the trailer after the break.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply!/onholidaymovie?v=wall


Bill (11 years ago) Reply

Looks like yet another crapfest.


bimbamboom (11 years ago) Reply

Crapfest Deluxe....with cheese...

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