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It’s a little surprising that with my vast amounts of reading in the teen genre, the name James Dasher has never come by my bookshelf particularly since he has a series of dystopian novels.

The trilogy, currently on book two, starts with “The Maze Runner,” which takes place in a mysterious place simply called the Glade. Thomas wakes up remembering only his name, to find himself in this mysterious place with a number of other young men. The situation is dire: the Glade is surrounded by a maze that the boys haven’t been able to solve in two years. Every 30 days, a new boy arrives but the routine is thrown off when the day after Thomas’ arrival, a girl, the first ever to be delivered, appears in the elevator with a note.

It appears the note plays a pretty significant part in the rest of the story and not being familiar with the books, I’m not sure what the note says but this I know for certain: don’t be expecting some blood bath over who gets to knock up the girl. The books are rated for grades 6 to 10 so I expect the sexuality will be minimal if not all together non-existent.

Apparently Random House has been shopping around the rights to the Maze Runner trilogy since the first book was published in late 2009 before it landed at Fox where it’s being prepped as a potential major release to undoubtedly, turn into a franchise. News today, via The Playlist, is that The Maze Runner has found a director and it’s none other than Catherine Hardwicke.

This doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as Hardwicke did extremely well with the set-up of the immensely popular Twilight franchise and she has made a name for herself as a director who has a great handle on teen material. Now, Hardwicke was already attached to another potential franchise, this one an adaptation of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride and last I heard, she was still on board with the production so who knows when we’ll see either of these films come to fruition but we’ll keep you posted as news develop.

More details on Dasher’s book available on the publisher’s website.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

James Dashner's thrilling novel, THE MAZE RUNNER gets star treatment in Brighton Linge's dazzling video, a finalist in the Kirkus 2009 Book Video Awards, sponsored by Random House Children's Books and co-hosted by Linge is a fourth-year cinematography major at University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

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