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Christopher Webster [DVD News 12.07.10] movie news dvd

From his feature debut Cronos, to Blade II to his latest series of novels "The Strain," Guillermo del Toro has a long history of riffing on vampire legend. In Cronos, his "unorthodox tale about the seductiveness of the idea of immortality," a kindly old antiques dealer and his granddaughter happen upon an ancient golden scarab that provides immortality through the blood. He soon finds himself addicted to its powers, as well as the target of an American madman called Angel.

Cronos is classic del Toro. It is a dark, visually rich and sort of a fantasy form a child's point of view at times. Plus with two commentaries and Geometria, an unreleased 1987 short horror film by del Toro included, this is a must have.

trailer after the break.

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