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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.09.10] France movie trailer news action

Leclerq's psuedo cyberpunk debut, Chrysalis, wasn't perfect , but it put the new director firmly at the top of a short list of new French talent that seemed determined to bring gritty genre cineme to France (read: Christian Volckman, Franck Vestiel, Xavier Gens et al). While none of them pried the gauntlet from Luke Besson's hands, they did provide us much entertainment and thrills for a couple years there.

Now Leclerg returns with a new, much more sombre, film about a real life terrorist event in L'Assault.

On Christmas Eve 1994 four armed men from the Islamic terrorist group GIA hijacked Air France Flight 8969 in Algiers. When they landed in Marseille the plane was raided by highly trained French forces and all four kidnappers killed.

You can check out the trailer for L'Assault 9via: Twitch) after the break.

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John (11 years ago) Reply

Q:What do you feel when you shoot a terrorist?
Snipers answer: Recoil.


apostolos (11 years ago) Reply

loved chrysallis.not perfect agreed.
cant wait for this.lets see what he can bring to the table.

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