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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.22.10] movie trailer apocalyptic news scifi

While still unclear whether it's actually an alien the explorers of Unearthed discover on their quest for a new fuel source in space, there's no denying a familiar aesthetic is at work here... and so far, we like it.

Unearthed is a short film produced by Dalang Films and co-directed by Lindsay Harris and Stuart Leach - both newcomers who seem to have a love of space flicks and a flair for sweeping photography. Here's hoping their storytelling matched up.

In the near future.... The world is in turmoil. The atmosphere is thick and heavy with pollution and all natural resources are nearing exhaustion.

Nations grow desperate and many are willing to fight each other for what little remains. The situation is rapidly spiraling out of control.

In an urgent bid to solve the problem, missions are launched to explore the universe for planets that may contain alternative sources of energy.

On the edge of space,one of the mining ships, The Ezekiel, finds an uncharted planet that reveals signs of a possible fuel resource. Two crew members are chosen to undertake a prospecting mission to the desolate rock, in order to take samples and survey the surface for later analysis.

The mission goes well, until they reach 'grid reference 3894' where they unexpectedly descend into a world they could only imagine in their nightmares and unearth a dark and terrifying truth.

Check out the teaser trailer after the break.

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Speedy (11 years ago) Reply

Our Solar system ran out of resources???
All the fuel on Titan was used?
All the metals in the asteroid belt were gone?

Wow... must be set hundreds of thousands of years in the future.


sklum (11 years ago) Reply

I hope there's going to be a scene where the hero is being chased around inside a shadowy techno-environment by a ravenous monster.


SteveD (11 years ago) Reply

I hope that the script writer is not the same writer responsible for writing the synopsis howler: "on the edge of space". So they found an edge to the universe? And Speedy's comment hits on the glaring science blunder underpinning (not) the plot. Far better to have set this within our solar system and to find the bad things there. C'mon guys, science fiction has come of age you know. The science is readily available. Base the script on a solid scientific foundation and then let your imaginations run wild. With an unresearched idea like this, you'll lose anyone with even a modicum of scientific understanding.


trogen (11 years ago) Reply

that looks toilet

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