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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.24.10] movie news scifi

It's been a while since we've reported on Len Wiseman's Total Recall reboot, but word from The Toronto Star is that the film is booked to film at Pinewood Toronto, Canada’s largest purpose-built film complex. The article also goes on to confirm that filming begins in March - much earlier than we expected.

Pinewood Toronto also also boasts the largest sound stage in North America, with 46,000 square feet unbroken by columns.

I'm always glad to hear about tent pole productions filming in Canada, but still more needs to be done to get the country out of its film industry rut and onto centre stage. Providing affordable production space and staff is yet another way Canada has an arts inferiority complex. We need our own production companies. We need our own tentpole projects that compete with commercial film entities like America, France, Japan and the UK. A sustainable entertainment industry in Canada will also create more opportunity for independent productions as the profits trickle down into the arts.

Total Recall is based in the short story, "We can remember it for your wholesale" by Philip K. Dick. A feature film by Paul Verhoeven was releases in 1990. The screenplay for the new version was penned by Kurt Wimmer, who's latest effort, SALT starred Angelina Jolie.

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Anonymous (7 years ago) Reply

I hope it's å joke that Colin Farrel is in the movie. He is a lousy actor with one god film (Phonebooth). I get ill seeing him in movies. Either way Total Recall is and will always be a Schwarzenegger movie!


Anonymous (7 years ago) Reply

Total recall remake? should be... good.


rek (7 years ago) Reply

A screen quota system would go a long, long way to helping the Canadian film industry out. CanCon on the radio has turned Canadian artists into a dominant force in the indie rock/pop/adult contemporary music industry, and more and more often now, not yolked to a foreign-owned label.

We also need better funding for film in Canada. What funds productions do receive do not cover marketing and promotion, and without marketing/promotion, nobody knows these films even exist, let alone where and when they're screening.


Anonymous (6 years ago) Reply

dear god why, what was wrong with the original that it needs to be re-worked *sigh*

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