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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.25.11] movie trailer news comedy

You have to hand it to the British for bringing the darkest of the so called “black comedies.” The newest entry into the canon is Alan Butterworth’s festival favourite The Drummond Will.

Two estranged brothers return home after their father’s death to find that they’ve inherited their father’s decrepit house. While pocking around the place, they find an old friend of their father’s hiding in the closet with a bag full of money. While they try to sort out what to do the old man dies putting them in a bigger pickle: do they call the police and answer all of the questions that will likely arise from a man found dead holding a stash of cash in the closet or they pretend they never saw the geezer, take care of disposing the body and in the process, keep the bagful of cash. The trailer suggests that the boys take the latter option and the results cause for some interesting situations that seem to get worse with each passing moment.

The trailer isn’t exactly dazzling but it does knock out some pretty good laughs and considering the sheer amount of festival love, I’m willing to bet there’s much more of that comedy in the rest of the film.

Trailer after the break.

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The Drummond Will (11 years ago) Reply

New Trailers for THE DRUMMOND WILL. Teasers. DRUMMOND WILL GUIDE TO...... You name it.

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