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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.25.11] movie trailer news scifi thriller

The Darkest Matter is an original scifi film created out of a kids film program run by professionals James Fox, Owner/Director, Dawnrunner Productions and Geoff Peck, Director of Photography. Since it's all run by kids, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that the subject matter follows a "Lord of the Flies" style narrative - transplanting the action from a deserted island to a deserted space station.

Space is a dangerous place for a child. When their colony ship is destroyed in deep space, Elaine Barrett, and a small group of children survivors find themselves marooned on a mysterious derelict space station. As time passes, and their chances for rescue dwindle, the weary children begin to turn on each other. With her allies dwindling and no way to signal for help, Elaine must make a choice: stay on a station filled with angry and violent children or take her chances in space.

You'll find the first teaser for the film after the break. Not bad for a pack of mud-smeared goonies.

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