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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.07.11] zombies movie trailer news scifi

Okay.. lots f online talk about Super 8 since the trailer premiered on the Super Bowl. Turns out the film is actually a an amalgamation of two projects - one a coming of age flick about kids making a zombie flick with their Super 8 camera and the other a supernatural E.T. like fantasy flick. Well, Abrams put them together, mixed well and voila! Super 8 was born.

"Set in Ohio in 1979, the final film follows six young people making a zombie movie with their Super 8 camera, who witness a horrific train crash, and catch a glimpse of a creature escaping from the wreck."

I get a real sense of Close Encounters meets ET or Goonies from the trailer and it's really working for me. Methinks Abrams has recaptured that sense of wonder that 80s kids movies always seemed to have.

Check out the trailer and image of the DIY filmmakers (via: Playlist) after the break.

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merzmensch (11 years ago) Reply

This movie, even if we know a little about it, could be pretty interesting. But the viral stuff around it, the whole Alternate Reality story is really awesome. JJ Abrams is a Demiurg, he generates mainstream media with independent scene implementation.

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