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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 02.09.11] post apocalyptic movie news short scifi video video game

Ever notice how most fan films are really serious and feature grimacing heroes? You'd think a Fallout fan film would be the most serious of the lot considering it's one of the most realistic apocalypse video games out there (minus the 50s themed info mercials and what not), but surprisingly it's got a sense of humour as well as all the hallmarks of the post-apocalypse genre.

Join Twig (Zack Finfrock), a former Vault 10 Dweller, as he searches the barren wasteland of eastern California for ice-cold Nuka Cola. Along for the ride is Ben (Aaron Giles), a radiation-ravaged ghoul, and Scarlett (Tybee Diskin), a sexy former slave. Together, the three attempt to survive both the harsh wastes and a relentless group of bounty hunters while trying to find the coveted beverage -- Nuka Cola.

Starring Zack Finfrock, Tybee Diskin, Aaron Giles, Vic Mignogna, Michele Specht, Kevin Brooks and Robert Thorne.

Check out the entire short fan film after the break.

Thanks for QE reader, John, for the tip.

** Message from the makers: Fallout: Nuka Break is a non-profit fan film made by Fallout fans. Please don't sue us. We don't have any money. Really, like none.

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FICTIS (10 years ago) Reply

Sweet, very nice fanfilm! The only thing I'd say is that they are way too clean, but aside from that, it's exactly the spirit!


Weave (10 years ago) Reply

Wow. Well done. Lots of fun, very polished. Bethesda should hire you to webisodes.


Lies (10 years ago) Reply

Tybee Diskin is very hot as scarlett. well done, very funny. I dont see many fan films of this caliber.


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Great fun! Agree with "Weave", hope Bethesda hires you to make more!!


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

I think them being clean gives it a cool look. I loved it. I wish this was a real TV show. I could watch Fallout every week and Tybee Diskin was way hot in this.


zombiblogia (10 years ago) Reply

It's funny and got the game's spirit. It's true that they are way too clean for a postapocalypse. And the girl is very very pretty!


Jonas (10 years ago) Reply

Holy crap this was really really good! There's some really well written, well directed and well delivered comedy here. I actually laughed out loud at times. Pretty great production values for a fan made film too.

I agree on previous comment about a Fallout tv-show. It never occured to me before but I could really see Fallout working as a pretty great action comedy show now.

And I'm in love with that girl! Seriously.. I'd buy some sort of calendar of her in that outfit. Gorgeous.

It's so awesome when you find stuff like this that just unexpectedly blows you away. I'm all for them doing more as a little web-series. :)


panic911 (10 years ago) Reply

Wow Scarlet was sizzling. Enjoyed the short a great deal. More please?

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