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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.11.11] movie trailer news horror thriller mystery

When the first trailer for Dylan Dog: Dead of Night arrived in August of last year, we were skeptical. It looked like a bad episode of “Buffy” and the general consensus was that director Kevin Munroe and crew had destroyed a much loved hero.

The good folks at Bad Taste have uncovered a new trailer for the film, sadly only available in Italian, but it looks a tad bit better than the first. I’m still not convinced and though I’m not familiar with this particular property, I can’t help but think that ex-Superman Brandon Routh looks out of place in this trailer but we’re stuck with him now. It's still cheesy as hell but it's most certainly a setp up from before.

Not sure this is going to appease the angered fans but take a look at the new trailer and let us know if you think it’s an improvement.

Trailer after the break.

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FuckYouHollywood (11 years ago) Reply

Dear Marina this is not tad better this is fucking awful.

I hate the world at this moment.


urbangroucho (11 years ago) Reply

Yeah, the trailer sucks monkeyballs big time. The cab guy is straight out of hellblazer (Constantine) and Brandon Routh has nothing in common with Rupert Everett who was the inspiration for DD's looks. Why didnt they go for a Dylan Dog movie with Rupes anyway? Dylan Dog a few years on, why not? But then again... an openly gay actor in a possible blockbuster franchise - not likely in Hollywood.


Ivan (11 years ago) Reply

Looks awful in some funny way.


DylanFan (11 years ago) Reply

I like it, it looks fun. And Routh definitely looks the part.


John (11 years ago) Reply

Rupert Everett FTW!


jfml (11 years ago) Reply

you gotta be kiddin me. they're doing a dylan dog movie and its about fcking vampires? seriously? c'mon! didn't we have enough of that now?

we can watch dellamorte dellamore again, if we want that.

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