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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 02.10.11] Tuvalu France news scifi comic adaptation

The Frech are developing a Heavy Metal(aka Metal Hurlant) TV series? And there’s already a completed pilot episode adapting classics "Red Light" and "Cold Hard Facts"! The first 12 episodes will be finished just after the end of 2011, so if we're lucky we'll get to check it out right around the time the world ends in 2012.

This new series is being produced by We Productions, who have teamed up with publishing house United Humanoids.

All the episode are to be directed by Guillaume Lubrano and they will be in both English and French to appeal to more markets.

Check out two promos after the break. I think they're pretty frickin' sweet and will at least last me until Fincher gets off his ass, stops making dramas and remakes and gets on his big budget Heavy Metal project.

News cobbled together from Opium, Bleeding Cool and Variety

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Is that David Belle in the second vid?


Hank (12 years ago) Reply

Yeah, according to IMDB he's gonna be in it.


Ian (12 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the look up. Just read about the original story "Red Light". Looks like it's written by Geoff Johns, (minor spoiler?) some kind of escape story. Sounds appropriate for Belle!


MrSatyre (12 years ago) Reply

Pretty groovy. Does anyone know if the English will be an overdub or a subtitle?

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