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Dan Rowbottom has a message. Help. He and his sister spent a year developing the Raven Waiting story and script, concept art and storyboards. They've got costumes and set designs and have filmed promotional footage for the project.

Now they just need some support to get the cameras rolling. The 3030 campaign is Rowbottom's ambitious goal to raise £30,000 for the film in just 30 days. It launched on the 2nd February 2011 and ends on 3rd March 2011.

Basically, instead of giving money for a credit, which is what many projects over, you're pre-ordering the film for a fair price - and you know you’ve got some paypal change just sitting in your account - besides the film, every donor WILL also receive a mention in the end credits of the film as well as on the film's site.

So why are we endorsing Rowbottom's project and not the countless other kickstart and community funded film projects out there? Because Dan's a cool guy with a passion who reached out to us - which is more than most do.

Watch a special message from Dan and read more about Raven Waiting after the break.

Set within the confines of an otherworldly town, ‘Raven Waiting’ is a fantastical film about fear of the unknown. The town is encircled by a large wall, built to protects the inhabitants from an evil beyond.

Within the town, Juliette learns that her grandfather has died and left her a curious book shop. When she arrives at the book shop she discovers her grandfather was part of a secret society of creatures that protect the town.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Hell yea I will support you guys and hope everyone else does too! It's a lot of work to create a film, to create something little different.
Just as much work as the person who do the composing for the film.
Good Luck and I wish you Success!

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