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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.03.11] post apocalyptic movie scifi video

When it was announced that PA exploitation legend Cirio H. Santiago (Equalizer 2000, Future Hunters, and Dune Warriors) would helm another explosion ladden apocalypse flick for king of the Bs and long time producer, Roger Corman, the cult community went, not surprisingly, apeshit. Then disater struck the production when Santiago died during filming and Roger Corman put Jim Wynorski in to finish principal photography.

That was 2008. We've been told that the film is done, so where is it? All we've managed to track down form the finished film is this 9 second montage of finished clips - featuring muchas explosions and even a glimpse of Michael Madsen looking a little out of place.

"After some type of world devastation, an amazon tribe of women led by three sisters is guarding an oasis of water which mercenaries are searching the whole world for, following a legend about a place where water still flows."

So why have we bothered to share this mear nine seconds of footage? Because it's the late, great Cirio H. Santiago's last film that's why.

Please note. The footage is set to Avril Lavigne's "Alice" for some reason. Don't kill the messenger.

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Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Man this is taking ages to come out.


John (10 years ago) Reply

Here are some pics:

Release date was 15th of February this year.

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