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quietearth [Celluloid 03.10.11] movie trailer news scifi

All I can say is WOW. While nothing new with greenscreen, the concept for those of us obsessed with the post apocalyptic will surely make you salivate. EKON is currently in production from United Arab Emirates writer/director Mohammad Rasoul.

An unknown event has devastated Earth’s biosphere, causing a radiation storm that is rapidly driving all biological life on the planet to extinction.

Sheltered deep in the sands of the desert, the remaining human survivors risk venturing out into the storm in order to understand its origin and find a solution.

As they descend into the unknown, they must face a mysterious life form that holds the key to the past and the future of the planet, - the EKON.

Teaser after the break. Thanks to the Avery Mining Corp.

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wtf (10 years ago) Reply

bad costume and special effects ruined it in seconds.


dahmsey (10 years ago) Reply

On the contrary. I think for an obvious low budget effort the trailer is rather stylish. I will gladly give this one a looksy.


brettlv5506 (10 years ago) Reply

United Arab Emirates don't do anything low budget.


John (10 years ago) Reply

You are too easy to amaze.


rek (10 years ago) Reply

wtf and John, you're too jaded.

It's in production, and it's a teaser trailer, meaning there's little chance anything we just saw will appear in the movie in the form we saw it.

So until then, let's see your demo reels.


Alejandro24 (10 years ago) Reply

Looks interesting. I think the arab movies concept are different from the western one, that's because we see it too different.


John (10 years ago) Reply

I can comment without any reel, if there is something that I do not like.

You bet the Arab concept is different...
...we saw just how.


street (10 years ago) Reply

so badass that he needs to wear 4 gas masks at the same time.. now thats apocalyptic.


Kyle (10 years ago) Reply

Honestly... it could be cool. But I have to agree with John. Combine this with the fact that Battle: Los Angeles got an 8/10 in all of its PG-13 glory, this site is far too easy to amaze. You guys have a thing for apocalyptic films, but at least this movie HAS to be better than Battle: Los Angeles.


Lisa (9 years ago) Reply

It's not bad at all, I like it

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