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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.10.11] post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer horror

Sometimes it pays to get up early and check in with the twitter. Our boy Arrow over at Joblo has found the trailer for John Pogue's QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL. Did you know it was even finished filming? Cause I didn't.

QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL picks up later that night at LAX, as passengers board a flight to Nashville. When a passenger becomes violently ill with a mysterious rabies-like virus, the plane makes an emergency landing at a large metropolitan airport. Jenny, a heroic yet inexperienced flight attendant, takes charge of the safety of her passengers. Relieved when a swarm of heavily equipped emergency vehicles, police units and the CDC arrive, Jenny and the passengers soon discover that they have been quarantined and are now trapped. Desperate to escape, Jenny enlists the help of one of the surviving passengers, a kindergarten teacher, Henry, to devise a plan to survive.

QUARANTINE 2: TERMINAL stars Mercedes Masohn, Josh Cooke, George Back, Jason Benjamin, and Bre Blair.

Trailer (bootleged) after the break.

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James (11 years ago) Reply

So we go from an apartment building to an airport? Quarantine Harder?


ProMovieBlogger (11 years ago) Reply

Quarantine Harder? LOL. Good one.


rocco913 (11 years ago) Reply

I'll assume the final scene will again be used in the for all the advertising. Way to ruin a movie for me. I'll pass.


John (11 years ago) Reply

Its always the fat guy, yep.


sonaboy (11 years ago) Reply

"Shakes On a Plane"


cheezit (11 years ago) Reply

same old sh*t in a different wrapper...looks kinda boring...nothing new seen here....jmo...


Aladdin Sarsippius (11 years ago) Reply

Not so bad,...may "attack the block" eat
its dust!


WTF (11 years ago) Reply



Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

(Rec) 2 was actually a good film which picked up where the original left. This? Not so much...


werefox (11 years ago) Reply

Quarantine 2, Zombie Boogaloo
I'm kind of glad they are breaking away from the Rec series. I'd wouldn't waste time watching another lame remake.


Haylennn (11 years ago) Reply

Just got done watching this movie. Soooo much better than the first, if I may say so myself!


Julie (10 years ago) Reply

I think the movie have its own scary moments and it is not as bad as other critics say it is, though I also agree that REC is better. It’s nice to see Bre Blair too and from her Baby Sitter Club days and then seeing her again in more serious roles. I saw a recent picture of her, with no make up, promoting an iPhone app called iFilmFanatic, and she still looks awesome! Sharing the link to photo:

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