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Christopher Webster [DVD News 03.21.11] scifi dvd horror comedy

Not a huge week for releases, but there are a couple flicks that I've been waiting to catch up with on Blu-ray. Much like Battle: LA, critics didn't seem to connect with The brothers Strausse's alien invasion flick Skyline. Marina seemed to really dig it when she caught an early screening and honestly I agree with her.

I think the real issue with Skyline was expectations. If, like Monsters, Skyline had snuck up on us through the fest circuit I think it would have been embraced by genre's early adopters as a flawed, but fun and ambitious independent science fiction flick. Because let's face it, that's what Skyline is. It's got some great FX and all, but it's essentially a small movie that takes place in one apartment block. If people expect a sweeping canvas akin to Independence Day they're bound to be disappointed. As it stands, I've seen much much worse.

Here's an interesting one. Our pals at Severin Films who usually release insane old exploitation classics have produced their first film. It's called Devolved and it's a raucous teen comedy about opposing factions of teenagers who find themselves shipwrecked on an uncharted island off the Mexican coast. The island soon degenerates into a struggle between two groups; teens who want high school to end as fast as possible, and teens who never want high school to end. So it's like Lord of the Flies meets some sick high school comedy.

Also out this week is a long overdue horror film called Dark Fields which looks to be full of sacrifice, curses and cult-ish farming communities. Sort of like a Wicker Man meets Children of the Corn or something.

Watch trailers for the three releases after the break!

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