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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 03.23.11] movie trailer apocalyptic scifi

Slowly but surely I'm finding out that my unabashed love for Battle: LA is not a sentiment shared by my friends or colleagues. To them I offer proof that it could have been worse. It could have been this Battle of Los Angeles.

In February 1942 US forces engaged an unidentified flying object above Los Angeles. Now almost 70 years later, the alien invaders have returned.

To be fair, the beginning of this first trailer for the Asylum's Battle of Los Angeles actually seems not too bad. But then bad CGI explosions start and the Michelle Roderiguez impersonator take center stage.

For those if you with a strong stomach you can order the film here.


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soma (10 years ago) Reply

hahaha. I lov ethat this is such a rip off and so bad...


Umberto (10 years ago) Reply

ragazzi... roba da denuncia! ma perche' fanno questi films? boh...


coelacanth1938 (10 years ago) Reply

My grandfather was involved in the actual Battle of Los Angeles in 1942. He was part of an antiaircraft battery that fired at the UFO that floated over the city.
The object was spherical, about the size of a small house, and was invulnerable as far as anybody could tell. It was able to take sustained direct fire at point blank ranges and a fairly good amount of collateral damage occurred (two policemen in their squad car were killed by a falling shell and several citizens wounded by shrapnel). You can still walk across the roofs of some of the oldest buildings in L.A. and find bits of metal leftover from that fight.


Ken Johnson (10 years ago) Reply

I loved Battle:LA also. I felt it was a great movie. I will be seeing it again on the big screen & buying the DVD when it comes out.


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

I wouldn't hate asylum so much if they released the movies for free. But all they're trying to do is scam people by tricking them into buy crap


Michael Allen (10 years ago) Reply

In response to: "But all they're trying to do is scam people by tricking them into buy crap."

Moby Dick was not crap, but violent prose. Really, how can you go wrong with ten foot Nerf harpoon guns? *sarcasm*

Seriously though, the Asylum gets one right every once in awhile. This looks like a miss, though.



Aruta (10 years ago) Reply

Cant wait to see Battle LA (the real one!)
I mean really, how can a high budget alien invasion movie without Will Smith be bad? :)

Sadly I saw the asulym version and to quote Francis from l4d, "Thats bad"


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

Battle L.A sucked so much imo. Ultra disppointed. Scenes with the kid were so pathetic "Your the bravest marine" ROLF...horrible dialogues, annoying epileptic action, a couple of marines beat advanced but weak/stupid aliens. Absurd i didn't buy it at all.


cheezit (10 years ago) Reply

really pathetic ripoff...but just when you think you have seen the worst of it, along comes this twat in a skin tight suit ready to battle the aliens with a f**kin' samurai sword...saints preserve us...

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