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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.01.11] zombies movie news drama

I don’t get it. People are always ragging on the overload of vampire movies that are produced every year but when it comes to zombies, there’s little complaint. It’s not like there are any fewer. Never mind the low budget/no budget titles but also the long list of big Hollywood zombie movies currently in production.

Russian helmer Timur Bekmambetov is leading the charge with one of the biggest of the Hollywood titles Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, but he loves zombies so much lined up work on another project featuring the undead.

According to Deadline, Bekmambetov has come out the winner of a bidding war yesterday with a spec script for a teen zombie drama titled Maggie. The project, which will work with a budget of between $4 and $8 million dollars (since when is this microbudget?), comes from award winning writer John Scott 3 and will be directed by VFX artist Henry Hobson who has worked on opening sequences for everything from Rango to “The Walking Dead” - how this qualifies him to direct is beyond me but hey, directors have come from stranger places. So what's Bekmambetov's role? He's prepping the project solely as producer.

Apparently the script is innovative and offers quite a few twists but the basic gist of the story is that Maggie is a 16 year old girl who is bitten by a zombie and the film tracks her over a six month period as she and her family deal with her change into an undead being. Certainly sounds like it has potential and if done right, this could be very, very cool. I love teen dramas but add in the zombie quotient and this thing just shot up the must see list.

I’m assuming we’ll start hearing more about the project in the coming weeks but I wouldn’t hold my breath for any big name attachments. With a budget of this size, we’re probably going to see a cast of newcomers which is perfectly fine by me. The last few years have been great for new female talent but we could always use a few more.

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Aruta (10 years ago) Reply

No.... no.... I feel sparkling zombies becoming a reality. Pls for the love of all that is undead.. dont let it be true!! >_<

If its not true than: w000000t!


BakA613 (10 years ago) Reply

haha love zombie movies vempires are way to lame. woud love to se emma stone in an other zombie movie(zombieland) XD


Shocbomb (10 years ago) Reply

it takes 6 months to turn after a bite in his Zombie universe/story Really ? With that type of time frame I think the zombie outbrak would be more like a little uprising more then a all out apocalypse ? Lets hope they put a good spein on qwhy it took so long for her to change sence there are so mny reasons you could think of that fans would buy. I really hope it does not go unexplained on why it takes 6 months for her to turn now ?

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