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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.08.11] movie news short

While browsing through Vimeo yesterday I stumbled on a video, a combination of music video/short film which caught my attention. Admittedly it was the title, The Grim Reaper, which first pulled me in but the execution kept me watching.

Directed by a French gent named Kendy, the short is a look at a woman’s death. Backwards. It’s not a new concept and neither is the slow motion but he rolls it all into a beautiful short that really wowed me.

Not only is this particular short worth a peek, he has a video library brimming with more videos with this same, dreamlike aesthetic. Few people can make falling snow mesmerizing but Kendy manages to do it so well I watched that video twice. They're all worthy of your time.

This is definitely a great way to mellow into the weekend.

Film after the break.

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Jeffrey Lamar (11 years ago) Reply

Beautiful piece! Love the INCEPTION scenery. Question...did this remind anyone else of the DEAD ISLAND trailer?


RalphLockwood (11 years ago) Reply

Definitely had the DI vibe in it. Pretty remarkable piece of media. I enjoyed it. Good post.


John (11 years ago) Reply

Woman getting murdered by a maniac is amazing, sure if you are a lunatic.
While it was shot good as a short movie, there is nothing to enjoy here much except that, that is if you are sane.


star (11 years ago) Reply

first i thought it was suppose to be a serine experience..i didnt know it was a "slacher-stacker" thing..all too real..this u can see on "any b movie..or hear on any news clip"wld hav liked it better if the WOMAN WAS THE AGRESSER...IT PAINTS WOMAN YET AGAIN AS A VICTIM..if this is truely about 'remarkable media' about a better non- violent "remarkable topic?

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