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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.16.11] movie news

#1: Anne McCaffrey’s “The Dragonriders of Pern” headed to silver screen

Looks like Hollywood is heading into a period of fantasy and considering the success of Lord of the Rings, I’m surprised it’s taken this long. Next up is McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, the first book in a series about telepathic dragon riders who are saving the world of Pern from “a terrifying airborne menace.” I’m not familiar with the series but I’m always game for anything remotely fantastical and this certainly fits the bill. The project is still in early development with Watchmen and X-Men scribe David Hayter penning the adaptation. [via THR]

#2: Bruce Campbell confirms Evil Dead reboot

I’m sorry. WHAT? In a recent Q&A at Reddit, The Chin confirmed that the project is not only a go but that he’s read the script, will be producing and perhaps even playing a small role. I shake my head at some of the reboots being announced but this one is just plain baffling. More as it develops. [via Paste]

#3: Relativity may have found its lead for The Crow remake

And it’s a bizarre choice. Heat Vision reports that Bradley Cooper is “in early negotiations” to star as the lead of the remake which, we learned earlier this week, is being helmed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Seriously? First of all, isn’t he a little old for this part? Secondly it’s Bradley Cooper! This is troublesome.

#4: “Dark Tower” TV show picks up writer

I’m so confused by this whole Dark Tower adaptation that I’m not sure what ties in where. Apparently the movies are still coming and Deadline reports that the TV show, which is supposed to tie the first and second movies together, has signed on Mark Verheiden to co-write and executive produce the series with Akiva Goldsman. Enough with the little bits and pieces. Lets just get a movie made already!

#5: Sylvester Stallone lands Walter Hill for next project

Sly seems to be on a roll since his return to filmmaking a few years ago but for his newest project, he’s taking a break from double duty and teaming up with Walter Hill for a “cop & hitman” actioner titled Headshot. Still early for details but so far, this project sounds promising. [via AICN]

#6: Superman reboot has found Zod!

And holy crap it’s some seriously awesome casting. Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel Henry Cavill will face off against none other than QE favourite Michael Shannon who will be filling the shoes of the iconic General Zod. First Cavill and now Shannon? My money is as good as spent. [via Heat Vision]

#7: Matt Reeves continues on remake bandwagon with They Live

I was really impressed with Matt Reeves’ take on Let Me In but I’m not sure that’s enough reason to keep taking on remake gigs. But Reeves doesn’t seem fazed. The director has signed on to remake John Carpenter’s They Live. The report from Heat Vision doesn’t specify if Reeves will be referring to Ray Nelson’s short story but considering the amount of prep work Reeves and his team took on for Let Me In, I’d not be surprised to see him start from the story and avoid much of Carpenter’s film.

#8: Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods” headed to HBO

Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, the team behind Playtone, are taking Gaiman’s fantasy story about a battle between two sets of gods to HBO with renowned cinematographer Robert Richardson and Neil Gaiman on board to write the pilot. Early days still but we’ll be keeping you posted on further developments. [via Deadline].

And not that anyone needs one but a reminder that Game of Thrones premieres this weekend on HBO.

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Lenman (11 years ago) Reply

God there is some scary crap in this post. #1 going to kill one of the best book series ever. #2 without Bruce in the lead role it will suck. #7 Cult classic being destroyed by a remake. Hollywood is dead.


Speedy (11 years ago) Reply

Harry Potter proved that it is posisble to do a book into a good film.

We can only hope that they do not get the b!tch who killed BSG onboard to make it all agnsty and kill it off.

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