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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.21.11] movie trailer news scifi

The Sundance buzz around Mike Cahill’s Another Earth is undeniable but when we posted a trailer and a few early clips from the film, reception from our readers wasn’t quite as positive.

The film, which focuses on a young woman who is an MIT astrophysics student and her relationship with a composer, all to the backdrop of the discovery of a second earth, seemed very much a “small story” set to the backdrop of a life altering event and the clips we’d already seen suggested as much. Now with the film’s release a few months away Fox Searchlight, ever the bringers of good sci-fi, have cut together another trailer which firmly cements this as a story about the people and much less about the events (though the people are obviously affected by the new discovery).

I’m more interested in seeing the film now than I was a few months back but I have a feeling some you guys may not agree. Let us know.

Another Earth opens on July 22nd.

Trailer after the break.

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Anglebender (11 years ago) Reply

Judging from the trailer, this "other earth" is only a metaphor for duality and the multiplicity of personality in relationships. Some H'wood mafia wife came up with this scenario thinking it was a great sounding board for Western Society, but all they did was create Yet Another Example of how wretchedly disconnected they are.

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