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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.24.11] movie trailer experimental

The mind is full of animals... well, The Animals anyway.

Ever notice that the word nowhere contains the words "now" and "here"? It's an old observation, but an irony I think sums up this very bizarre trailer that fell into my in box.

Sketch comedians Will Carsola and Dave Stewart have a vision. It's an f'ed up vision and they call it The Nowhere. It plays with the absurdity of the human mind and they want to bring it to the screen so badly that they made a trailer for it.

Do you dare enter The Nowhere after the break? Be warned, you may have to chop off your most prized extremity if you do.

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Anonymous (7 years ago) Reply

I think this could be pretty sweet if they cut out the comedy. Not that I don't appreciate dark comedy, the humor in this just isn't funny, kinda ruins it I think.


Anonymous (7 years ago) Reply

Well you obviously dont know what funny is!!

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