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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 04.27.11] movie news short scifi video

Don't even try to tell me you havne't wondered who would win in a battle between history's greatest titans. That's right, I'm talking about an epic battle between a robot, a dinosaur, a man and earth's greatest threat of all... a woman!

Man vs. Woman is short film from 2006 directed by Juan Carlos Vargas who has done a tone of FX supervosing for films like SyFy's Annihilation Earth and TV's Lake Placid 3. Vargas also has a really cool sounding project in the works called Elimination about a bunch of actors who audition for a reality show for a million dollars. All they have to do is survive three killers, and each other - streaming live over the Internet. It was in dev in 2010, but we haven't heard since then so I hope we hear more from it soon.

A science-fiction action film about an explosive duel between four desperate scavengers -- a man, a woman, a cloned velociraptor and a heavily armed robot - fighting for survival on a desolate dry planet.

Watch the entire match after the break!!!

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Luis (11 years ago) Reply

I loved it, amazing movie!!! Hilarious ending! Make more!


Umberto (11 years ago) Reply

Veramente carino e ben fatto! le risorse delle donne sono infinite... ;-)


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

Sluts, stay sluts.
But h20 meter, priceless.

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