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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.01.11] movie trailer news horror

The Beastmaster goes berserk in this stunning trailer for supernatural horror flick, House Hunting! The indie thriller originally caught my attention for three reasons. First, its premise of two families caught in a house that won't let them leave offered an intriguing old-school premise. Second, it's got a pretty odd ensemble cast in Marc Singer (V, Eagle Eye), Art LaFleur (Field of Dreams, The Rig, Cobra), Rebekah Kennedy (Season of the Witch, Creature) and Paul McGill (Man on Wire, Fame). and third, it's the directorial debut of DP Eric Hurt, who most recently worked on a scifi flick we're dying to see called called Atlantis Down which is premiering at London Scifi Film Festival right away.

If the American dream for most families is buying a house then for the two families headed to what they think is a simple open house, their dream is about to become a nightmare. We meet our two very different families as they search for the perfect house to call a home. When both families show up at the deserted farmhouse it quickly becomes clear that something is not right. After finding a terrified girl in the woods, and discovering that every attempt to leave the farm takes them right back to its front door, the horror of the situation sets in.

Stuck in this purgatory together for days, they’re haunted by a vengeful former owner bent on destroying them from within with the simple declaration that only one family will call the house a home. As the days stack up and the families search in vain for a way out the group dynamics dissolve into chaos. The acres of bare woods and fields stretching out from the house become a maddening prison they must endure until one family can ultimately overcome the other and call the house a home.

Not sure when we'll get a chance to see the film, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear.

You can check out the trailer for House Hunting (originally "The Wrong House" after the break.

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ReplicA (11 years ago) Reply

Ok, this has my full attention. Amazing looking cast, I'm a Marc Singer fan for life, and the pic of him in this post looks amazingly great!! He looks so scary in it! The premise sounds right up my alley, too. Definitely be keeping my eye on this one. Thanks

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