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Christopher Webster [DVD News 05.27.11] movie news dvd

Solaris - Criterion have released a brand new high def Blu-ray of Andrei Tarkovsky's If you've never seen it, this is the time to. Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow) described viewing the new print "a revelation" in his "One Scene" mini-essay. Personally, I'm happy I didn't already pick up the two disc DVD release otherwise I'd feel guilty for the double-dip.

The Big Bang - From Anchor Bay comes the Tarantino-esque neo-noir starring Antonia Banderas. I have to admit the trailer for this one caught my attention, but I have a feeling it could either be a unique off-the-wall blend of neo-noir and scifi... or a tedious exercise. We'll see I guess.

Fertile Ground - We've also got two horror releases from After Dark Originals this week. The first is this gory ghost story that comes from ADO mainstay Adam Gierasch (Autopsy, Night of the Demons). Just got a screener of this, so I'll be giving it a spin soon. If I know Gierash it'll be appropriately schlocky and fun.

Seconds Apart - The second film from After Dark Originals is intriguingly about two twins who share telekinetic powers and a thirst for violence. I've also got this one, so watch for a review soon.

Other releases of note are The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes To Town, Burning Palms, The Scenesters

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