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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.01.11] Spain movie trailer news western

I'm not certain what the deal is with all the secrecy surrounding Mateo Gil’s Blackthorn. Getting information on the production has been notoriously difficult and the few trailers I’ve seen kicking around have disappeared as quickly as they've appeared online.

The film, which picks up years after Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, stars the great Sam Shepard as an aging Cassidy living out his years as a horse breeder in Bolivia. Wanting to see home one last time, he makes his way towards the US across the desert where he finds Ernesto (Eduardo Noriega), a man on the run after having robbed a mine.

The bits I've seen before they've been yanked have suggested good things and reviews of the film have been generally positive, particularly praising Shepard's performance. Magnolia has picked up the film for US distribution and I assume a trailer will be on the way but until then, we've dug up a great looking Spanish language trailer along with a shiny new poster and a few stills.

Trailer and images after the break.

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Andrew (7 years ago) Reply

Man, this looks great.


ondwey (7 years ago) Reply

line from the trailer:
"sometimes I think there are only two moments in a man's life: when he first leaves home and when he finally returns"

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