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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 06.02.11] Tuvalu review horror vampires

Year: 2010
Directors: various
Writers: various
IMDB: link
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Trailer: link
Review by: agentorange
Season rating: 8.5 out of 10
Blu-ray rating: 8 out of 10

I'm glad that HBO decided to include Snoop Dogg's tribute to sexy-fairy Sookie Stackhouse on the True Blood Season 3 Blu-ray. I've watched the video three times already and have had the chorus stuck in my head all day. "Oh Sookie," indeed.

I've been a True Blood devotee since the show began back in 2008. I immediately fell for its seductive premise of vampires and humans living side-by-side and appreciate the fact that, while the show continues to add new supernatural elements with each season, it hasn't morphed into some sort of post-modern comic book cluster f@#k. Whether Maenads are turning the citizens of Bon Temps into sex crazed pagans, or werewolves are selling a little "V" on the side, the show continues to stick close to its core characters and, for the ladies, its core love triangles.

While season one remains my favourite simply because it introduced us to the intricacies of the show's world, last season was a major step up from season two, which fell short for its lackluster resolution and for spinning its wheels for too many episodes mid-season (although I loved the whole Fellowship of the Sun side trip that Jason takes).

So why is season three better than season two? Two reasons. First, we're introduced to my new favourite character, The King of Mississippi (played to the Southern hilt by the great Denis O'Hare). His irresistible old-world southern opulence (blood sorbet anyone?) just juxtaposes the sweaty trailer-park world of Bon Temps so very well. He is constantly scheming, always bending the wishes of "the council" and is totally selfish which opens a window into the larger political sphere of Vampires that until now we'd only heard about. And I won't give it away, but what he does at the end of the season will surely be a game changer for the series.

It also puts the biggest rift between Sookie and Bill yet after he basically sucks her completely dry and the writers plunk a studly outcast werewolf right between them just to make things extra difficult. Yes, True Blood season 3 will likely become known as "the werewolf season" I'm sure. I gotta say, I'm not a fan of this new trend of werewolf design which just makes them look like regular wolves and unfortunately that's on display her. I'm sure they've done it to keep costs down on the show which is understandable, but give me the half-man-half-wolf monstrosities of Dog Soldiers any day.

Other highlights from the season are the fact that we learn a little bit more about who/what Sookie is ("I'm a fairy? How fu#%ing lame!"), but not a lot. From what I'm hearing this revelation will occupy a lot of the upcoming season four. Jason tries to become a cop and falls in love with a dope dealing panther with daddy issues, and shape-shifter/bar owner Sam Merlotte finally meets his real family. Oh yeah, and Lafayette trips-out Mexican style.

HBO have done a stellar job on the Blu-ray discs, though I didn't expect anything less. The picture in 1080p is gorgeously detailed and as good as anything I've seen on my display. Considering there are a lot of night scenes in the show you couldn't ask for better dark detail than this. The lossless DTS-HD sound track really brings the show to audible life depending on what system you are using. The nature of TV production usually means that there is a fairy fast post-production schedule, so the soundtrack is not as detailed as a film, but it's well mixed.

Because HBO sent this to me so late, I haven't had any time to really dive into the special features yet. It looks like standard facts/trivia tracks when I would prefer featurettes and documentaries, but at least there are one or two commentaries.

Watching season three of True Blood is like watching 12 episodes of sexy southern steam under high pressure. When the pressure builds it usually results in someone getting killed or screwed. In a lot of ways this is a vampire soap opera, but at least it's one for adults which is saying a lot these days.

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Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

This season was DREADFUL and it seems like few, if any, of the critics noticed. Unless this next season turns it around in a big way, and quickly, I'm afraid I'm going to let it go.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

i agree season 3 was the best season and
russell became my new favorite character
check out a music video i found in youtube
all the clips are from season 3 so click the link and enjoy

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