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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.27.11] post apocalyptic movie news short animation

On May 27, 1956, The Ed Sullivan Show scared the crap out of viewers when they aired Peter and Joan Foldes' apocalyptic animation A Short Vision.

The blog CONELRAD Adjacent has assembled a detailed history of the broadcast. As our pals at io9 point out, it's hilarious to note that Ed basically sprung the doomsday short film upon his audience with barely a warning - instead promising acts like the ventriloquist Senor Wences, the "winners of the Harvest Moon dance contest and the Hasleves, acrobats."

Here's how Ed introduced Armageddon to his audience:

"Just last week you read about the H-bomb being dropped. Now two great English writers, two very imaginative writers - I'm gonna tell you if you have youngsters in the living room tell them not to be alarmed at this ‘cause it's a fantasy, the whole thing is animated - but two English writers, Joan and Peter Foldes, wrote a thing which they called ‘A Short Vision' in which they wondered what might happen to the animal population of the world if an H-bomb were dropped. It's produced by George K. Arthur and I'd like you to see it. It is grim, but I think we can all stand it to realize that in war there is no winner."

You can watch the short film A Short Vision after the break.

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