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Christopher Webster [Film Festival 06.28.11] movie interview

I know there are a lot of writers and readers interested out there so I thought I'd post this great two hour sit down with writer Damon Lindelof who appeared on actor Kevin Pollak's interview show.

Lindelof co-created LOST has worked on the Star Trek reboot, Cowboys Aliens, and most recently on the sort-of Alien prequel with Ridley Scott (which incidently is Scott's first scifi film since Blade Runner).

So what does Damon talk about for two hours? Well, the obvious things. The fact that Game of Thrones writer George R R Martin dissed the Lost finale, the Lost finale itself, other show's that had controversial finales, his hero Stephen King and the Alien series and what the what the heck "Prometheus" has to do with it.

Watch the entire interview after the break. Just make sure you fast forward to 23 minutes in.

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