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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.29.11] Canada movie trailer news comedy drama

Martin Donovan is best known for his numerous film appearances but the actor is about to turn over a new leaf with the premiere of his directorial debut.

A comedic drama also written by Donovan, Collaborator also stars the newly minted writer/director as a down on his luck dramatist whose most recent stage play was cancelled after only a two week run. He's depressed about work, confused about his on-again-off-again romantic relationship and in need of some motivation which comes in a bizarre form when he and his neighbour spend a night together under some strange circumstances: gunpoint.

The promo floating around for the film has the feel of an unpolished sales reel but I love the short scene between Donovan and his neighbour, played by the great David Morse. It starts off with some heavy tension which breaks as soon as the door closes. It's not clear what Morse is doing there but there definitely some funny business going on. The film also stars Olivia Williams and Katherine Helmond.

Trailer after the break.

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