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Marina Antunes [DVD News 07.05.11] movie news dvd

Wake Wood - Is Hammer Films' third film since breaking back onto the scene. From what I've read it's a really good film that straddles the line between classic British occult and modern ghost story. Certainly one to track down considering Hammer's recent track record out of the gate.

13 Assassins - comes from Asian legend Takashi Mikke. This is one of the most highly acclaimed films of the year (review) and is balls-out amazing and quite possibly one of the best Samurai films ever made - not just in terms of staging and action, but in terms of emotional content. Highly recommended, even for those who don't really care to follow Asian cinema.

Hobo with a Shotgun -- is the splatter-iffic, grindhouse Canadian oddball movie that time forgot. From Jason Eisener it's one for those of you always looking for the craziest sh@t going.

Oblivion - is a cowboys and aliens joint that originated from the minds of the maniacs from Full Moon, but this reissue comes from Shout! Factory who have been making a name for themselves with their special edition blu-ray releases of the Roger Corman back catalogue. You already know if you go for this kind of thing, but if you want a better look watch this!

Witchville - comes from Perry Teo and is strickly for the SyFy set. That said, this one stars Luke Goss and sword and sandal queen Sarah Douglas and is a ton of fun if you're willing to take it for what it is.

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: The Evolution of the American Horror Film -- is a great, feature length documentary that attempts to follow the evolution of horror films in America over almost 100 years of cinema. No small feat, and the film almost does it. Unfortunately there are some stones left unturned and some corners cut out of the dense fabric that makes up the history of American horror, but this is a great doc nonetheless. It features interviews with all the heavy hitters and usual suspects and is narrated by Lance Henriksen.

Das Boot (Two-Disc Collector's Set) -- hits Blu-ray for the first time. From what I can tell this is not the full TV version, but the 149 minute version that hit theatres. Regardless, Das Boot might be the best submarine flick ever put to film and it's always interesting to see what great directors like Wolfgang Petersen were doing before Hollywood made them do complete crap like Troy.

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