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Christopher Webster [DVD News 07.06.11] post apocalyptic movie trailer news dvd video

Stake Land is like three classics rolled into one. It's a killer vampire movie, an already classic post-apocalyptic film and a slam dunk of an all around awesome horror flick. Well finally Dark Sky films has revealed that the movie will be unleashed on Blu-ray and DVD on August 2, 2011!

Bonus features include:
- Going for the Throat: The Making of Stake Land
- Character Prequels
- Director’s Preproduction Diary
- Storyboards VFX Breakdowns Post-Production
- TIFF Premiere and Q&A

You can Pre-order Stake Land on Blu-ray and DVD here

Stake Land is written directed by Jim Mickle who's last film was the rat infested, New York apartment horror Mulberry Street. The film was produced by Glass Eye Pix who's next big release is Ti West's The Innkeepers

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Lenny (10 years ago) Reply

Saw it On Demand and it was great!! Must buy.


highlandfool (10 years ago) Reply

Saw it at Dead by Dawn and it was one of my favorites this year. Solid flick.


inhert (10 years ago) Reply

Saw it at the cinema when it was released in the UK just over a month back; what a film! Balls to the wall action, with the melancholic quiet of a proper post-apoc survival film.

I remember saying, when the film finished, "That was a better film adaption of of the novel 'I Am Legend' than 'I Am Legend' "


rek (10 years ago) Reply

This is the first vampire movie since 30 Days of Night that had something new to offer the subgenre; loved it!

I'm sure I don't have to tell this crowd, but I recommend MULBERRY STREET if you liked Stakeland.

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