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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.06.11] movie short scifi comedy

Ollie Klublershturf vs. The Nazis is a pretty funny short film about a kid who builds a farting time machine and takes on Nazis. It premiered online a while back, but I only caught up with it today when I saw it on /Film.

The film was originally written years ago as a one-act by Damon Lindelof (who would later become the (in)famous showrunner of LOST) and is directed by Skot Young.

When Dade Klublershturf (Samm Levine) brings home his new girlfriend Daniella (Rachel Nichols), it’s as awkward as you’d expect any meet-the-parents dinner to be. However, events take an unexpected turn when Dade’s brother Ollie (Super 8‘s Zach Mills) reveals that Daniella, along with a couple of other last-minute dinner guests (Hemsworth and Norman Reedus) are actually secret Nazis trying to steal Ollie’s time travel machine for sinister purposes.

Keep an eye out for a certain Thunder God/Starfleet Dad who appears as a Bible salesman.

Be sure to check out this two hour interview with Lindelof where he discusses everything from post-LOST anger to Game of Thrones to writing Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

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Aladdin Sarsippius (11 years ago) Reply

What did I just watch??

(25 page refreshes to get an understandable captcha)


skullan (11 years ago) Reply

Pure genious....

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