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Damnation Alley - is one of the most sought after post-apocalyptic cult relics of the 70's that, believe it or not, is only now making it's way onto DVD and Blu-ray in an official release. So basically, it's a red letter day for PA junkies and I'm off to pick this bad boy up as soon as I post this. It's also based on a book from 1967 by Roger Zelazny (who hated this film).

Insidious - is the best film from James Wan since the original Saw and one hell of a haunting flick. I loved this film far more than the glut haunted house films we've been getting recently like Haunting in Connecticut. Perhaps it had something to do with Rose Byrne being in the film? Whatever it was, this was a great flick that's made better by the subtleties and unanswered oddities in it - like what relevance does Rose Byrne wearing the same pyjamas as her son have? This isn't the scariest film of all time or anything, but I liked it a lot.

REC 2 - The second part to the uber popular Spanish zombie film REC, that also spawned a remake in America, finally comes to a movie collection near you. This one took a long time to get here. So long that REC 3 is almost finished. At least the wait to see the next won't be quite so long. Read Marina's review here.

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Battle Beyond the Stars [Blu-ray] - was Roger Corman's answer to Star Wars and the biggest budgeted film he has ever produced. Written by John Sales, it is basically Seven Samurai-in-space but also so much more with a cast of far-out characters and production design and visual FX handled by James Cameron. I would actually rank it as one of the best Space Operas of the 80s, up there with A New Hope and Wrath of Kahn. But anyway, for you PA fans out there, you may be interested to know that it was directed by Jimmy T. Murakami who also made one of the most beautiful animated films of all time called When the Wind Blows.

George A. Romero Presents: Deadtime Stories Vol. 1 - The renown horror writer and creator of Night of the Living Dead, has partnered with writer-actor Jeff Monahan to create horror anthology George A. Romero Presents ... Deadtime Stories. The first volume of this two volume set consists of an anthology of three 30-minute horror films: Valley of the Shadow: A woman searches for her missing husband in jungles of South America...and soon, the hunters become the hunted. WeT: A lonely potter finds a valuable jade box buried on the beach. And what s wants to keep him company. House Call: In poor and lonely farm country, a woman calls an elderly doctor out on a dark and stormy night to make a house call on her strangely-ailing son. And what he finds when he gets there isn't listed in any medical books.

Things - is for connoisseurs of the severely f'ed up. It's an infamous Canadian DIY film made on no-budget and consisting of the most messed up, weird-ass shit you can probably imagine. This reissue is due to a team up of Intervision, Severin Films and MondoVision so you just know it's this week's biggest cult release.

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