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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.21.11] movie trailer news scifi animation steampunk

Emil Goodman is a Polish animator and filmmaker who has done a bunch of shorts, but no features yet. Henry Waltz is his first big production and, while it's reminiscent to other upcoming steampunk themed animation features like the Terry Gilliam produced 1884, it's still impressive to behold.

There's no story synopsis that I can find, so the project is shrouded in some mystery. Despite some of the more artsy creature elements I think it's safe to say there is a story... at least I hope so. It would seem like a lot of work to not take people on a journey of some kind.

It's worth noting that Goodman did a lot of the work on cheap home-made motion capture systems and used many DIY approaches to get his striking visuals on a budget. And, if you like this, you can see more of Emil Goodman's stuff on his blog.

You can watch the trailer and a 3D anaglyph teaser after the break.

There's even a 3D Teaser!

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