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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.28.11] Croatia movie trailer news thriller drama

While some mourn the lack of "juicy" roles for women in Hollywood (though there seem to be quite a few to choose from for the younger set), the rest of the world seems to be filling in the gaps. In the last few weeks alone we've seen trailers for Lollipop Monster (trailer) and She Monkeys (trailer) and here's another to add to the mix.

Aldo Tardozzi's Spots (Fleke) stars Iskra Jirsak and Nika Miskovic as Lana and Irena, two seventeen-year-old strangers who meet in the bathroom of a bar where they form an unlikely friendship over blood stains (hence the title of the film) and a police raid that could get them thrown in jail.

Drugs, shootings, sex, break-in's… it's all part of a night of fun and adventure, not to mention loss of control, for the teens as they make their way through the streets of Zagreb.

Screen Daily called the film "sleazy," not exactly a glowing term but one that intrigues me since so often these sorts of coming of age/friendship dramas involving young women lack the thrilling, over the top and out of control elements that so often pepper films featuring their male counterparts.

Tardozzi's slick-looking debut recently premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival and will likely be making the festival rounds for the next few months.

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dougal (10 years ago) Reply

5D footage of europeans looking angry and smoking... honey call the sitter we are going out to see this tonight!

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