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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.05.11] Canada post apocalyptic movie trailer news scifi action thriller drama

The last time I heard the name Douglas Aarniokoski was a few years ago when the director of Highlander: Endgame was attached to direct Red Sonja, a project which has been dormant since it was announced. Somewhere along the line Aarniokoski picked up a new gig, directing a PA flick which is set to premiere at TIFF.

The Day stars Shannyn Sossamon, Dominic Monaghan, Shawn Ashmore, Cory Hardrict and Ashley Bell as five survivors of some disaster who wonder around the back-roads trying to survive. There are little details on the plot, like what they're running away from, but one can guess that perhaps scavenging for food is at the centre of the battle between groups of survivors and ammunition comes in handy for fighting off the herds. Or it could be some sort of alien invasion scenario. Or zombies. Your guess is as good as mine. All we know is that they're on the run and the film tracks the group for 24 hours.

A trailer and a few stills from the film arrived online earlier this week and the folks at RoS have compared the look of the film to that of The Book of Eli. I don't agree, this doesn't seem to have the production values of The Hughes Brothers' film but it does show promise. The teaser trailer leaves quite a bit to be desired as well but I'm more than willing to give this Canadian production the benefit of the doubt. One can never have too many good PA films and I'm unwilling to write it off before we get a better look.

Until more is available, check out the mediocre teaser below and the stylized stills gallery.

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ToeCutter (10 years ago) Reply

Despite the mediocre nature of the trailer, it serves it's purpose: to tease.

I think it's a great idea to throw these teasers out there, if for nothing more than to let us fans know there's a PA flick on the way that we might enjoy once it's finished.

There aren't many "good" PA flicks, so we're kinda stuck with whatever we get. Hell, even "The Road" which starred several famous stars almost wasn't released stateside because it was considered so depressing.

These teasers help me keep an eye out for upcoming flicks that I likely watch, good or bad.


Rev Wright (10 years ago) Reply

Looks great, my only concern is the glamorous PA chic look that the costume design department have created. Looks a bit silly to be that over stylized and accessorized


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

looks good to me, but then I'll watch anything even remotely PA ...


skullan (10 years ago) Reply

Well, the film quality was good enough for me. Showed a good amount of grittiness and overall, the trailer did make me curious.

Judging from the fact that most of the action scenes in the trailer are at night, and the fact that they are walking along pretty freely in the day and finally, the fact that show is called The Day, I'm guessing this is a vampire or I Am Legend type of monster.

Some of the trailer parts are likely them defending themselves against other humans in the day.

These are guesses though.


SG17A (10 years ago) Reply

Love the soundtrack. is it Godspeed you black emporer?

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