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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.09.11] Canada movie trailer news short

A few years ago, before a screening of something or other at a festival, I saw a short film that blew me away. A combination of arthouse, dance and morbid beauty, Pedro Pires' Danse Macabre was the only thing I remember of that night. I haven't had the opportunity to re-watch the film since I first saw it but the images and music and burned into my mind.

Pires has been busy with a number of projects, including work with Cirque du Soleil's "Totem" but he's found the time to re-team with Canadian film and heatre legend Robert Lepage for a new short.

Premiering at TIFF later this year, Hope is described as:

The fragmented violence of war seen through the eyes of a General on his deathbed. A mind accustomed to a life on the battlefield surrenders to a stream of consciousness, mixing death, brutality, and finally, one last gesture of hope.

The film is based on the award winning play Jimmy, créature de rêve by Marie Brassard.

Pires' fascination with death and his stylistic approach to it appeals to a dark corner of my mind and thought the teaser for Hope doesn't provide much, it certainly suggests a fitting follow-up to Danse Macabre which is now available on iTunes.

Trailers for both Hope and Danse Macabre below. Kudos to Twitch for the find.

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brett (10 years ago) Reply

Danse Macabre and Next Floor are both on itunes now, so your chance to revisit them awaits!


AJ (10 years ago) Reply

I saw Danse Macabre at the Brazilian Film Festival in Vancouver a couple summers ago, and I was really blown away by it. It is a bizarre combination of visuals and music and theme that together makes you feel disturbed and yet at peace, while really taken in by the film as a whole.

Superb stuff. And this is coming from a guy who usually appreciates more mainstream content, rather than experimental.

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